TeamMD in the News – Doobies for Boobies?!

February 21, 2018

Proper education and understanding of cannabis.

A prime example of why it’s important to outsource education for your staff before making claims on such a complex plant:

Doobies for Boobies?!

Dispelling cannabis myths is a daily occurrence for anyone in the medical cannabis field and this shows the urgent need for more proper education.

According to Harrison, “millions of men smoke marijuana and you don’t see millions of men walking around with pronounced breast tissue. The comment defies common sense.”

Our very own Dr. John Harrison weighs in on this topic as clarity is key in the medical and recreational cannabis worlds.

Find the link to the full article courtesy of the Toronto Star below:

York Regional Police issue clarification after officer tells students smoking pot increases men’s breast size

Educating all Canadians:

At TeamMD our goal is to educate patients empowering them to enhance and achieve optimal health while maximizing quality of life. We redefine the patient care experience through education, compassion, as well as treatment and lifestyle choices.

Team MD is lucky to have Dr. John Harrison on our side!

Dr. John Harrison of TeamMD


Angelo is a certified cannabis consultant, and has the ability to provide your A-Z education in the comfort of your own home. Through testimonials and his own patient recruitment, Angelo has gathered data and resources to best assist with all your cannabis needs. His multiple industry affiliations and attention to personal detail make him a true asset in the world of patient care.