Super Lemon OG Strain Review from D.N.A. Genetics

January 23, 2018

Written By: Angelo Muscari

Featured Strain: DNA Genetics: Super Lemon OG

Grown only 30 minutes away from where I am writing this review, housed in the old Hershey Chocolate Factory in the cozy town of Smith Falls sits the Tweed medical cannabis facility.

I have had the pleasure of organizing a tour and visiting this Licensed Producer in the past. The team here is unbelievably friendly and always go out of their way for guests.

Now if you don’t know anything about D.N.A. Genetics than know this, these cats are no joke!

With over 125 Cannabis Cup titles to their name, 5 of those being the High Times “Top 10 Strain of the Year“ and a 2009 High Times Seedbank Hall of Fame induction, you can guarantee a high quality, grown with passion cannabis product. Lineage and the attention growers pay to it is just one of many key qualities one looks for in a cannabis grower.

Birthed alongside its sister strain Lemon Skunk, this Indica strain is actually used and recommended for more day time use as opposed to the traditional Indica / Evening relationship.

This is due to a couple of interesting things:

  1. The first being the relationship between the limonene terpene and its association to an elevated mood and stress relief properties. This being said, it is surprisingly NOT the dominant terpene found in this strain, that would be caryophyllene!
  2. The limonene terpene is also normally found in Sativa strains of cannabis but this pungent Indica proves once again that not all strains are created equal!

With it’s complex terpene profile, Super Lemon OG in itself is a bit of a rare breed!

I have recommended this strain in the past for patients looking to medicate early or mid day for a relaxed and calming physical feel as well as some uplifting and energetic qualities derived from its influence of Haze genetics. Great for stress relief, depression and faitgue.

Curious about terpenes and their associated affects? Email us today at to learn more!

By the numbers:

THC: 16.6 %  /  CBD: <0.07 %

60/40 Indica Dominant Hybrid