Basil & Hemp Heart Pesto Recipe

February 13, 2018

Recipe by: Cody Lindsay AKA The Wellness Soldier

With Valentines so close, I wanted to start this recipe blog with a link to a past Veterans Valentines Dinner that Cody has ran in the past, it is among one of many contributions he gives his heart and soul into.

Valentines Day Veterans Dinner – A Meal To Remember

Currently living in Victoria, B.C., Cody is known Canada wide in the medical cannabis industry for his delectable culinary skills, activism with Canadian Veterans, dedication to continuing cannabis education and most importantly his infectious attitude and smile. We encourage ANY and ALL Veterans either in B.C. or anywhere else across this great country to reach out to Cody here as he is a fantastic resource.

Basil & Hemp Heart Pesto

3-4 Servings

Our Basil & Hemp Heart Pesto will have you wanting to put it on everything from meats, fish, pizza, pasta, potatoes, sandwiches, cream sauces, and salads.  Hemp Hearts add a delicious nutty and sweet flavor to pesto.  As well, offer plant based protein and the most nutritious part of the hemp seed with a high source of fiber and Omega-3.


Hemp Seeds



  • 3 Cups Fresh Basil (loosely packed)
  • ½ Cup Hemp Hearts
  • ½ Cup Pecorino Romano Cheese (or Parmesan)
  • 2-3 Garlic Cloves
  • ½ Cup Olive Oil
  • Your Dosage of Cannabis Oil per serving
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Lemon Juice (optional)



  1. Add all ingredients to food processor and mix until well incorporated.
  2. Taste, season, taste, with Salt and Pepper,
  3. Serve, Eat Well, and Be Happy.

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